Goals and Objectives

Physicians Aesthetic Coalition Objectives

In order to fulfill the mission of the Coalition the member organizations agree to cooperate together in various areas, including but not limited to:

i. Advocate on behalf of the public and with a common voice to improve patient safety, ethics, transparency, and truthful representation within all aspects of aesthetic surgery and cosmetic medicine through education, public policy and public relations efforts.

ii. Develop educational forums for the public, media, and qualified physicians to disseminate accurate information in a manner that is transparent and free of commercial bias.

iii. Promote the incorporation of evidence-based medicine in all facets of aesthetic surgery and cosmetic medicine, including research, product development and evaluation, efficacy, education, and patient safety.

iv. Enhance research and reporting of research as it relates to new technology and products to promote patient safety and treatment efficacy.

v. Integrate common perspectives among participating organizations to develop a stronger voice for the common good.

vi. Interact with industry to improve policy, optimize research requirements and promote ethical marketing in order to provide the public with better, proven products and more accurate information. Hair restoration Dr. Jeffrey Epstein.

vii. Support the media to improve accuracy and consumer helpfulness of information.